Across the decades

Action heroes
Action man V Barbie
Adjective – characters that relate to happy, sad, red, angry, sleepy
cute etc
Alice in Wonderland
Ancient Egypt
Animal print
Arabian nights
Armed forces
Back to school – school uniforms, teacher, nun, priest, PE teacher, secretary, nurse
Bad Taste
Black and white – penguin, referee, nun, priest, convict, and etc
Birthday person wears different color
Bling – pimp, disco anything that sparkles
Black and Baling
Bollywood – Bright and tight
Cartoon characters – superheroes, Scooby doo, Garfield, Flintstones, Disney Simpsons’
Casino – click for ideas
Children’s TV characters – wiggles, harry the octopus, Barney, pooh bear, Clifford, Bob the builder etc
Christmas – Santa’s and nativity scene characters
Circus – ringmaster, clown, magician, magician assistant, candy seller, lion tamer, Lion, knife throwers assistant, human cannonballs acrobats
Cops and robbers – beagle boys, sexy sergeant, orange overalls, mafia etc
Disco – 1970s look – click for ideas
Disney party – all things Disney
Earth party – environmentalist, Captain Planet, tree, bush, animals, protestor
East meets west
Emergency – doctors, nurses, surgeons, patients, ambulance, police, fire, victims
Espionage / 007 party/ Bond – dressed to kill
Famous dead rock stars people – click for ideas
Famous couples – click for ideas
Fairytale and legends – Snow white, Robin Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Zorro
Film and TV character
Gangster and moll – Flapper dresses, Mafia clothes, Prison outfits
from years ago.
Gods and Goddesses
Gold and silver party
Goodies and Baddies
Grease party – Pink ladies, T-Birds, Diner girls, high school 1950s –
click for ideas
Groups – click for ideas below
Heaven and Hell
Heroes and Villains – click for ideas below
High School musical[/half]
[half_last]High society – tux and tails, long dresses and diamonds
Historical – any period outfits
Hollywood / Oscars – click for ideas
I can’t believe you wore that to my party – Totally tasteless –
I am glad I am not ……
Michael Jackson, Monica Lewinsky, Bogan, croc hunter etc
In Da Hood – bling, pimp track suits, skimpy female attire
Jungle fever / safari
Kings and Queens – Henry VIII, Richard, Anne Boleyn Antoinette etc and Elton John, Queen Bee, King of Pop, King of rock and roll`
Kung fu
Latin – Spanish, Zorro, bull runners, bandits,
Last night I dreamt ……..
Las Vegas – click for ideas
Leaders – kings, Queens, political, Band, school, girl guides, pilot etc
Leather and Denim
Letter Party – dress up as say birthday person initials.
Letter A – letter Z click here for ideas
London tube stations
Lord of the rings
Mad Hatter Tea party – Mad Hatter, Alice, Rabbit, Dumble Dee
Make believe
Mo- vember – characters who had famous moustaches – Tom Selleck, 70s Chaplin,
Moulin rouge
Mr. Men and Little Miss party
Mum and Dad – dress up in there era of clothes that you remember Musical idol
Occupation – when I grow up I want to be Oktoberfest
Olympic sports – sports, refs, judges, flame, countries, fan, coaches Oriental
Over the top – formal dress and exaggerated too much hair, makeup, color, etc
Pink party
Prehistoric – caveman, cavewoman dinosaurs Flintstones Adam and eve
Pajama party – baby, nappy, nighties, Hugh Hefner Retro – 1950 1960 1970 1980 etc – click for ideas below Rock and Pop
Rubik cube – guests wear a mixture of all the 4 colors of the Rubik cube. By the end of the night everyone has to be in one color only. So everyone swaps clothes
Sci- fi – star trek, star wars, lost in space, Dr Who ….. Sex in the city – girls dress like New Yorkers Shakespeare
Spring racing carnival – name of a horse, hats, feathers fascinators Star trek
Star wars
Superheroes- click for ideas below
Toga – Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Gladiator Gods and goddesses and anything Roman
Totally tasteless – see you wore that to my party!
Traffic light party – Red (I am taken), Orange (Undecided), Green (Available)
Tropical – Hawaiian, Fijian, beach wear, sun block
Under or on top of the sea – fish, mermaid, sailor, love boat, Neptune, pirate shark
Viking and barbarians
When I grow up I want to be
White party – everyone wears white- Birthday person wears another color
Wild West party – cowboy, Indian, saloon, Mexican lone ranger, Zorro, Chinese
Winter wonderland – snow queen, penguin, abominable snowman, mountaineer,
Wizard of OZ
World – any country you like.
WTF – see “you wore that to my party”[/half_last]