Make invitations that are designed to look like a movie ticket. You can make large tickets that have to be torn by an usher as guests arrive to the party.You could also send invitations that are set out like the flier for a cinema, naming the title of the party and the screening time.

Promote the party as a gala opening night, telling guests they’ve made the A-List and are welcome to attend.

Costume Suggestions

Have the guests come to the party dressed as their favourite actors or film characters.

The night might be more fun if you tailor the costumes to a film genre such as Action films, Suspense films, Horror or Science Fiction.

For a fun night, you could also have a video camera handy and get the guests to make their own short film to watch later in the evening.


Buy red cloth to make a Red Carpet leading to the doorway of the house.

Make cardboard cut-outs of Paparazzi to line the red carpet, waiting for all the guests.

You could also decorate the pathway to the door by making large stars featuring the names of each guest. Make your own Walk of Fame and let the guests have their own star.

Other Hollywood decorations include movie posters, the famous Hollywood sign or a director’s chair.

Gold and silver balloons everywhere.

Find some cheap plastic statues and spray paint them gold and give them out to the say the best comedian, best costume, best ….

  • Find a microphone to announce guests as they arrive and recruit your kids or friends to pose as paparazzi, snapping plenty of pics from disposable cameras to add to the atmosphere.
  • You can give these photos to your guests to take home. You can even send digital or print photos later

Food Suggestions

Serve cinema food such as popcorn in tubs, hotdogs and chips.

You could buy flat strips of liquorice and cut small squares out of each strip so that they look like pieces of celluloid film.

Try to give any food you serve names that are tied with movies. There are many you could come up with if you use your imagination.

Woody Allen’s Bananas, American Pie, Citizen Candy Kane… Try to think of as many as you can!




  • 6 strawberries hulled
  • 2 tbsp. grenadine
  • 2 tbsp. half-and-half light cream
  • Ginger Ale
  • ground ginger to taste

Mixing instructions:
Blend strawberries, half and half, and grenadine in a blender until smooth. Pour into a double old fashioned or highball glass. Add Ginger Ale and stir gently. Add ice to glass. Option: Sprinkle with ground ginger. Decorate the rim of the glass with a sliced Strawberry and give your drink, and your guests, the ” Red Carpet Treatment” at your Oscar party! Option: Add 1 1/2 oz rum.M