• Why do I need to book an appointment?

We are now operating an appointment only based service.  Our aim is to ensure we can give all our customers a highly personalised experience.    Appointments will enable us to give you our full attention and create absolutely awesome looks for you the customer.

  • Why did you change to appointments only?

In 2017 at times we started seeing saw long queues forming outside our changing rooms and were struggling to give everyone the attention they deserved.

We talked to our customers and found that most of you came to us for our personal touch.  We also discovered that many of you found it challenging to visit us during our store hours.

Cue 2018 and we are now offering customers the ability to book appointments at times that work for them.    To help us better achieve this we have also moved locations.

  • What are your hire costs?

Our children’s costumes are $15 and teens costumes $25.  An adult costume hire inclusive of accessories typically costs $45.   Our maximum hire cost is $60.

  • Do I pay if I damage or lose the costume?

Minor accidental damage that we can repair ourselves is not on-charged.  Major damage or loss is charged at the lower of the replacement value of the item or the actual repair cost.

  • Do I have to pay a Bond?

You will need a form of security, such as a Visa, Mastercard or Visa debit card OR, if you do not have these, a form of identification (driver’s licence, passport, student ID) with a $50 bond. We delete your credit card details upon the safe return of our items, or refund your bond.

  • Who cleans the costume?

Leave the hard work to us, we clean all costumes.  Everything is either washed or dry cleaned after each use.

  • Will you have anything in my size?

We recognise that people come in all shapes and sizes and we work hard to accommodate that in our costume range.    We can usually dress ladies up to a size 22 and men to a XXL in a large number of themes.

  • What if its nearly right but not perfect?

We can alter most garments to ensure an even better fit.      Hems, straps and minor alterations are done free of charge.   For larger alterations that require a  “fitting”  with the seamstress there will be a small charge.

  • What if I want something created just for me?

We offer a made to measure service in conjunction with a local seamstress.  Bring your idea to us and we will provide a quote.

  • If I get something created you owns’ it?

If you wish to keep your creation

  • You will pay for the fabric, cottons, pattern and the seamstress time.
  • You get to put the costume in your wardrobe for keeps.

If we would like to add to our hire range and you do not want to keep it

  • We select fabric, make the garment, fit the garment to you and charge you an agreed initial hire cost (this will be higher than our standard hire rates).
  • You return the costume to us after its use.
  • I brought a costume in a packet and it does not fit me, can you help?

Maybe.  We can often alter your purchased costumes.  Book a fitting appointment with us and we will take a look and give you a quote.

  • Will you buy my used packet costume?

Most likely not.   The majority of packaged costumes are not of a high enough quality to be suitable for hiring.   They are predominately designed for single or occasional use.     However, if you have an awesome high quality costume that you think deserves a life beyond your wardrobe give us a call to discuss.


WHY HIRE at In Disguise?

  • Time – In less than 30 minutes we can dress you from head to toe in an awesome costume.  Think of all the time you could waste, searching the internet, scouring 2nd hand shops and looking for elusive accessories in dozens of party shops.
  • Upfront known cost – Hiring from In Disguise ensures you get a good quality costume with all the right accessories for a single cost.
  • Environmentally friendly – Our costumes are lovingly cared for and re-used many times. The majority of packet costumes end up in landfill as they don’t survive many parties.
  • Stand out from the crowd – We can mix and match items to give you a truly unique look.
  • Support a Local Business – We are a small owner operated business and have been operating in Porirua since 2007.  Your custom helps us to stay in business and enables us to give back to the local community.  See our fundraising page.