Join the vibe and have a shagging psychedelic good time with a 60’s Hippie Party!

Here’s some advice and tips for holding a party that your guests will surely love.

The 60’s have a reputation as a carefree, fun time. It was a decade of Cultural Revolution, on a scale that hadn’t been seen before. Flower Power and free love…….


For invitations with a 60’s feel, use bright psychedelic colours and large, rounded lettering. Go crazy and have fun with the invitation, using bright flowers, peace signs, and other iconic pictures from that era.

Send invites that are designed as fliers, promoting the party as the biggest thing since Woodstock.

Make an invitation in the shape of a Lava Lamp by using different coloured sheets of paper. Write the details of where the party is within the Lava bubbles in the lamp.

Costume Suggestions

Costumes for a 60’s party can be fun and colourful. For a Hippy look, wear a long wig and add a headband or bandana.

For clothing, think of items like fuzzy vests, bell-bottom flares, Afros, headbands, braids, bold large glasses, flowers and sandals.

Other great clothing ideas include stovepipe pants and thin ties, bob cuts, Go-go boots and Miniskirts.

Find a pair of flares and add flower patches. You might try looking for old clothes at an opportunity or thrift shop. For a Sixties party you could also dress as a Flower Child.

A Beatnik costume is easily made by wearing a turtleneck skivvy and adding a bead necklace. Try and find a beret to add to the look. Other distinctive looks and icons from the Sixties included Mods, Jackie and JFK, Andy Warhol, and more.

Think of the icons from the 60’s like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles and more. Model your costume on a distinctive look by thinking of the many colourful celebrities and fashions from that era.


Hang beaded curtains in the doors and light lots of incense about the house. You could set up as many tents as you can in the yard and have your own Woodstock.

Make a large rustic looking sing to hang above your doorway. Pretend the house is a commune and give it a fun name.

Use bold colourful decorations like Smiley Faces, Peace signs, and Pop Art posters. If you’re using balloons, find the largest ones you can. The 60’s are remembered for being carefree and fun so make the decorations as playful as you want.

Set out colourful sitting rugs on the floor, or better yet, try to use beanbags for the look of a laid back Sixties pad.
Food Suggestions

Make cupcakes or cookies and decorate them with Peace Signs and Smiley Faces.

Serve healthy and tasty vegetarian meals like bean dip, carrot cake, and pumpkin pie.

Have a fondue set for the party using cheese or hot chocolate.

Bean Bag Gummies
Take marshmallows and flatten them a little before cutting a small groove from the top of each one.

Using a small drop of icing, fix a Gummie Bear on top so it looks like it’s sitting on a beanbag.

Lava Lamp Jelly

Make Lava Lamp Jelly for the party by setting it in long tall glasses. Set the jelly in the glasses in stages – fill it a third of the way for example and add marshmallows.

When the jelly has set, fill it another third of the way, adding more marshmallows, and so on.

When the glass is full and the jelly is set, it will look like a Lava Lamp, full of marshmallow bubbles.

For inspiration try using the following films and themes:

Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamoat
Jesus Christ Superstar
The Beatles
Jimi Hendrix
The Doors
Janis Joplin
Flower Child
Black Panthers
Hell’s Angels
Jackie Onassis